Sunday, March 29, 2009

Susan and Randy's Wedding - March 14, 2009

I think that it is only fitting that I have my first blog entry be the wedding of my dear friend and fellow photographer, Randy Wood, who married his fabulous Susan in her home town in New Jersey. Kait Whitehead, the third member of our team, photographed the wedding with me. The wedding took place in Red Bank and the reception was on the ocean in Seabright, near Asbury Park. My son, Jake, and my husband, Joe, are still talking about driving by Bruce Springsteen's house on the way home from the reception.

This wonderful photo of Randy first seeing Susan was taken by Kait. I was too busy dabbing my eyes with a tissue to grab this shot.

This was taken in a bar in Red Bank, NJ where we stopped to kill some time between the ceremony and reception.

On the beach in Seabright. It was freezing, but the opportunity to shoot on the empty beach in the winter was too much to refuse.

This is a photo of Kait in one of the few breaks she got to take the whole day. I could not have done this job without her. I cannot imagine two better friends and photographers to work with than Kait and Randy.

This is my son, Jake, learning to work my camera which weighs about as much as he does!

The martini themed cake. I guess you know what Randy and Susan like to drink!