Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kid Photos in Potomac - January 28, 2012

Yesterday I went to see my friends Beth and Rich to take a few pictures of their two children.  I have known Beth for years and we have been each other's clients as well as good friends.  My goal yesterday was to use my favorite portrait lens, the 200 mm F2.  This lens is a monster.  It is huge and heavy and because of this it does not come out of its case often enough.  After months of yoga my arms were up to the challenge and out it came.  The images it takes are spectacular and worth working out for. 

I also had the added bonus of meeting friends of Beth and her husband's who were up from DC for a visit yesterday.  Their two kids were adorable and great models.  The parents were great fun and so nice.  I had dinner plans that I had to get back to, but I swear I would still be there hanging out in the island in Beth's kitchen yakking away if I had not had to get home!

Thanks to Beth for being my assistant and holding my video light.