Friday, July 20, 2012

Arina and Family -7-18-12

On Wednesday my friend, Arina, came by with her family for some portraits in my studio.   I have know Arina from the restaurant business where she had worked for years in some of our favorite local places to wine and dine.  How she has a two month old baby boy, Nico in addition to her five year old who I photographed at about the same age as Nico.  This time she also brought her husband so we had the whole family.   Beautiful family.  Lovely people.  So nice to see everyone again.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Colton - July 18, 2012

My friend, Joni, and I were talking the other day and she mentioned that her niece, Jessica, was in town with her new baby.  Her niece's husband is deployed on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.  He missed the birth of his new son just four short weeks ago.  Joni was asking me for tips on photographing babies so that Jessica could send her husband some photos.  I begged her to bring her to my studio so I could take these pics for her.  So... Jessica came by the next morning with her beautiful new baby, Colton, and her adorable three year old, Levi, for a few quick shots.  Joni and her sons entertained my pups (who so wanted to be photographed) so that I could grab a few shots.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tom and Denise - July 14, 2012

I have known Denise for years.  In her past life she co-ran the tae kwon do studio where my son studied.  Now she has met and married Tom, a wonderful, warm Irishman with a huge heart who loves her with every inch of that heart.  Tom works for Robert Weidemeier, the owner of so many great Washington restaurants such a Marcels, The Mussel Bar and Brasserie Beck.   Tom and Denise and I had a fabulous meal at Marcels a few weeks ago to discuss the wedding.  We had so much fun wining and dining that we completely forgot to go over any of the details of the day itself. 

So, when Randy and I showed up and Tom's brothers house in Southern Maryland yesterday we had very little knowledge of what to expect.  What we got was such a fun, relaxed and and completely unscripted event that took on a life of its own the moment we arrived.   Tom and his brother got up and made speeches before the wedding and Denise walked up to the ceremony site (the front of an old barn) to a Rolling Stones tune.  Tom had everyone in tears with his very moving speech to Denise.  They even had to stop the ceremony for a second to let everyone re-compose.

After the ceremony it was a total love fest.   Everyone spent the next hour hugging and kissing and even the torrential downpours that arrived much earlier than predicted could not stop the celebrating.  The taller guests (like Kristin) just kept pushing the water off the tent roof and we all stayed relatively dry.   The meal included lots of crabs and a whole roast pig.  Family and friends all pitched in to provide the food and it was so tasty.

All my love to the both of you.  I wish you many years love and happiness and I look forward to seeing you again often.  xoxo

Randy and Denise

Me and Denise.  I don't usually include photos of Randy and me but I feel like they are family and I loved these.