Saturday, December 31, 2011

Musical Chairs - December 29, 2011

Maic (or Mike), my awesome guitar teacher, also teaches the children of my friends, Chip and Debby.  He also used to teach my son, Jake, before Jake became a bass player.  Davis and Madison have been at it for a bit longer than I have and have made impressive progress.   This combined with Davis' voice makes them a welcome addition to any party.   So -- this being the holiday season, we decided to have a thank you Maic dinner.  We all got together at our house this week to eat and play.  My old friends Charley and Heather along with their son, Merle, were in town from Seattle and stopped by for a bit.  Charley is a professional keyboard player so naturally we enlisted him to join in.   We have enough guitars and other assorted instruments at the house that I do believe that everyone was given something to play.  It's so fun to make noise with friends.  It inspires me to expand my repertoire of songs to more than the three I keep going back to.  And, yes, Eline - we did play Poncho and Lefty.  xo

This is our good dog, not to be confused with our bad dog.

Winter Beach Portraits - December 28, 2011

This past week I went down to Bethany Beach for a night with my son Jake to visit our friends the Kerrs.  Joni and her three boys were down at their oceanfront beach house and we wanted to try a grab a few quick sunset shots.  Luckily the weather cooperated.  It was freezing and windy, but the sky was gorgeous.

After our very quick shoot the boys had a blast playing on the beach while Joni and I caught up over a martini.   I am a DC native and I had never been into the town of Bethany even once.  Joni took us to dinner at a charming Italian restaurant in Fenwick Island (another first for me).

Thanks for a great quick trip.   So nice to get away during the holidays, if even just for a night!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kaylin - December 13, 2011

Recently one of my all time favorite brides came by for a visit with her new baby daughter.   Andrea and Rob were married in 2005 and we are now just finishing their wedding album!!  I guess between having two daughters and buying a house the album got put on the back burner.  Regardless, it is off being bound now and the planning of it has given me the chance to hang out with Andrea again, which is always a pleasure.   I had not yet met Kaylin, so when they stopped by a couple of weeks ago I had to snap a few photos.  I am looking forward to the spring when we are going to do a real photo shoot with both of their adorable girls. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Luke - December 3, 2011

Today one of my favorite couples came by with their adorable new baby, Luke, for a family portrait.   Randy and I photographed Erin and Chris' wedding in 2007.  It was a very festive event and such a fun job.  Thanks to Luke for bringing us all together again.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving in NYC - 2011

This year we had no particular plans for Thanksgiving so we decided to head up to NYC and hang out.  We got together with some good friends, had some great meals, wandered around Soho near our hotel and saw The Book of Mormon (which was fabulous).   I often do not take my camera with me when I travel for quick trips, but for some reason I could not put it down for a second this time.  Jake and Joe were great sports about being photographed during every waking moment and our good friends Drs. Jeff and Mary and Jim and Marie put up with my constant clicking as well.  Too bad the only time I forgot it was when I dropped in on other good pals, Kevin and Gena.  I love them and don't see them enough and really wish I had snapped a few pics at their place.  Oh well, the winter season (the time I best like to travel to New York),  is just beginning and I do see a few more opportunities to document everyone again soon.