Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ursula - January 31, 2013

My beautiful friend, Ursula, came by today for a portrait.  We were also able to squeeze in a yoga class and lunch.  I have known Ursula for years.  We worked together in different lives many years ago and have always stayed friends.   She is a yoga teacher with her own studio, Inner Power Yoga, in Potomac Falls, VA.  Today she came to my home for the portrait and then we went to Core Power Yoga for a class.  Joe has known Ursula for almost as long as I have and he joined us - a true weekday treat!

Ursula is as kind as she is lovely.  Always a treat to see her and, boy, does she have a beautiful practice!  Someday my inversions will be so effortless.  xo

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dinner with Gena - January 15, 2013

I met my dear friend, Gena Bone, over thirty years ago during the one year that we overlapped at Bard College.  We have always stayed in touch and Gena and her husband, Kevin, have become great friends to Joe and me.  I have watched with pride and admiration as I have seen her career grow from being a free lance food writer to a very accomplished author with many amazing food books under her belt.

She was in town last night on business and stayed with us.  We of course, asked her to cook for us and invited a few friends and family over to share the meal.  It has always been a treat to sit at Gena's table and last night was no exception.  Gena sent me a two page email early in the week of all the food I needed to buy and the prep work I needed to do.  I was chopping and dicing and doing all kinds of things for a couple of days, not really knowing what Gena was going to do with all of the various ingredients I was preparing.

Once Gena took over the meal came together quickly.  We had a dip of anchovies with lemon and olive oil for endive and fennel to start.   Then we had a pasta course of with a lovely tomato and onion sauce.  Next was chicken braised with wine and pancetta.  We finished with fried ricotta dusted with confectioners sugar.  Oh, and just a bit of wine.

Thank you thank you Gena.  Please come back.  We love you and think that perhaps maybe you should live with us always.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Eve Wedding - 2012

Megan and Matt had such a fun New Year's Eve wedding that I almost felt that I too was celebrating and not working.  Of course, I could not have begun to undertake this multi location job without my two wonderful second shooters, Randy Wood and Matt Splain.  I also must add that Megan and Matt did all of the planning without the help of a professional event planner and the evening went off without a hitch and timing was on schedule down to the last second.  I was most impressed to say the least.  The added bonus was that they are a lovely couple and were a pleasure to work with from day one.

We started the day with getting ready shots at the Mayflower Hotel and then walked over to the beautiful St. Matthews Cathedral for the 3:00 p.m. mass.  After a few portraits on the alter we went to the Jefferson Memorial for some more photos.  It was a bit chilly but these folks were good sports and the lovely dusk light made the trip so worth it.   Then it was on to Longview Gallery for the party.

DJ Jaime Mizell did a great job with the music and it was so nice to finally meet this woman who I have been hearing great things about for quite a bit.  Design Cuisine did their usual stellar job with catering, the cake came from Fancy Cakes by Leslie and the beautiful flowers came from Greenworks.

Happy New Year and big congratulations to Megan and Matt.