Monday, December 6, 2010

NYC - December 2010

Fabulous weekend in NYC these past few days. I even got to go up on Thursday night and have a night alone in the city before my boys followed me on Friday afternoon. I got in early afternoon, grabbed a great solo lunch in Soho near the hotel, hit the gym and then met my old friend from DC, Michelle, for drinks at the hotel bar. She was rocking a fabulous sixties, Julie Christie look. Very Dr. Zhivago. Ezra, who was in town from LA (the reason we came up this weekend) met us for a quick drink and then Michelle left and Ez and I went to Tribeca for a long and very spirited sushi dinner.

The next day my friend Alicia from DC was up for the weekend as well. She and her friend Kait (not to be confused with our other good Kait with and "i") took me to lunch at a Tribeca French Bistro where we spent most of the afternoon.

After lunch we made a quick drop in visit at our friend's, Jim and Marie's, loft on Broome Street to find Jim working away in his studio.

Next it was back to the hotel to meet Jake and Joe who has just arrived from DC.

Drinks again in the hotel bar that night with Drs. Jeff and Mary and then off to dinner at the Odeon because it is Jake's favorite restaurant in the city.

On Saturday night my dear college friend, Gena Bone, cooked us one of her amazing dinners. Gena has become a very respected food author, and with a new book in the final stages of production, I was thrilled that she was able to make time for us. I have not sat at her table in a few years and it was an honor to be there. I am so proud of Gena - she is a star an all senses of the word, and such great company. The gang from Bard, Art (and Lisa), Jim and Marie, Gena's wonderful husband, Keven and Ezra were all there as well.

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