Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cody - February 20, 2011

Today I went for my first horseback ride in many, many, many years. When I was growing up in Virginia I had a pony and rode non stop between the ages 6-18. Then I went to college, sold my pony and never really looked back. It is a great sport but one that didn't seem to fit into the life I grew into. Enter my friend Joni. She runs 100 mile races, jumps out of airplanes, snowboards and takes the hardest yoga class that I have ever attempted. She also has a new, very large horse named Cody who is boarded very close to our homes. I went to meet him today planning only to take a few pics of this lovely large animal.

Joni mentioned that he was a bit skittish in his new surroundings and that he had been a bit difficult for her on the first few times she had visited him since she got him last week. Then she asked if I wanted to go for a short ride. I figured if she runs 1oo mile races that surely I can take the steed around the ring for a few spins. I was a bit scared but it was lovely and I will absolutely do it again soon. She owns another horse so soon we can ride together on trails through golf courses and palatial suburban homes. The country close into DC is not what it was back in the day, but there are still glimpses of what was so much open space until recently.

As soon as I clean the stable dust off me we are off to a yoga class together. I will, however, never jump out of an airplane or run 100 miles. Joni you add spice to my life!!

Joni and Cody

Susan and Cody.

Back to Joni and Cody.

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