Monday, March 11, 2013

Alice and Sasha - March 10, 2013

Alice is one of my favorite yoga teachers so when she asked me to photograph her wedding I was beyond thrilled.  She as kind as she is beautiful.  Also, I am a huge believer that perfect posture makes for great photos, and with a former ballet dancer, that was clearly not something I had to worry about.

The day began at the Hotel Pallomar where Alice got ready.  Then we moved to the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church for the ceremony.   What a beautiful and unique ceremony.  Everyone stands the whole time, something I had never seen.

Lastly, it was on to Anderson House for the reception.   I would have been happy just to not have rain.  Instead we had the most perfect day possible for early March.  Warm and sunny - the outdoor gardens got lots of use.

Many thanks to Alice and Sasha and their wonderful families.   Such fun and nice folks, the day was such a treat for me and my trusty second shooter, Randy Wood.  Big shout out also to Windows for their great job with catering the event.

 In an acknowledgement of Alice's ballet past and Sasha's Russian heritage, these lovely dancers performed after dinner.


  1. Beautiful pictures. You did a wonderful job. Thank you so much. John Wylie

    1. Thank you John. We just loved working with all of you! Alice (La La) is so charming and lovely. The photos almost took themselves!

      Best, Susan

  2. Wonderful Susan. The photos allow me to relive the wedding. They are lovely. Ann Wylie