Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sophie's Bat Mitzvah - November 16, 2013

This past Saturday I photographed the most charming bat mitzvah.  Sophie and her family gathered at Temple Sinai for pre-service portraits on Saturday morning.   Then after the service they held a luncheon at the Temple catered by the The Catering Company of Washington.  After a break of a few hours we reconvened at the Chevy Chase Community Center for a dinner and karaoke party.  What a great crowd pleasing participatory activity.  Almost everyone got up and sang and there was some serious talent displayed.  I will admit, however, that I have had a certain Squeeze song playing non stop in my head since Saturday night.  "Tempted by the fruit of another....."

Big congratulations to Sophie and her lovely family.   Many thanks as well to Matt Splain who second shot with me the whole day and night.

Matt sharing some of his photos with a young guest.

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