Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whitney & Patrick-July 18, 2009

Yesterday Kait Whitehead and I spent a beautiful afternoon and evening with Whitney and Patrick photographing their wedding in Alexandria. The weather was so cool and free of humidity we thought we were in New England and not Washington, D.C. in the summer. The ceremony was as St. Joseph's in Old Town and the reception was at the Hotel Monaco, also in Old Town. Big thanks so Alex Pare and her team from Cherry Blossom Weddings and Events for making the day go so smoothly.

This was a very energetic crowd and I am sure they danced long into the night after Kait and I had packed up and gone home. Thanks so much Whitney and Patrick and their great families and friends for such a fun event.


  1. Beautiful shots of a beautiful couple--what a magnificent day!

  2. You ar blessed with a wonderful lovely family ! Cheryl & I wish you guys only the best of good times ahead.

    Ken & Cheryl Stubbs