Thursday, November 5, 2009

Heurich House, Washington, D.C. - November 3, 2009

Kait Whitehead and I had the pleasure of both photographing and being guests at an event hosted by Design Cuisine and the Heurich House, at the Heurich House in Dupont Circle this past Tuesday. I am sure that everyone knows this beautiful Victorian home at the corner of New Hampshire Avenue and 20th Street in Dupoint Circle as it is quite stunning and really stands out. I had always wondered what was inside the house before I shot a wedding there in September of 2008 and found out. It is gorgeous, with many rooms and a huge outdoor garden that can be tented, as was the wedding I photographed there.

The foundation that runs the house is trying to get the word out that this is a place that can be rented for events and thus, many people in the event industry along with board members of the foundation that manages the home, were invited to the dinner.

Scott Nelson, who is the Museum Director of Heuric House, gave us all a tour of the site and explained much of its very interesting history.

I will spead the word to everyone I know looking for a unique site for a small gathering to a large wedding that this is a place that should certainly be considered.

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