Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fair Chance Graduation - March 17, 2011

Last Thursday I had the Honor of photographing the partner graduation ceremony of Fair Chance. Fair Chance is a non-profit that works along side its partners to positively impact the lives of children and their families in Washington, DC. This organization provides its partners a one-year intensive program that strengthens their internal structure. They invest in community leaders in Wards 5-8 who are passionate, committed and knowledgeable about positively changing the lives of young people, and provides these leaders with the tools, information and knowledge that they need to thrive. Fair Chance's highly trained, capacity-building specialists work one-on-one with partner organizations to strengthen core areas like fundraising,board development and program services. Thursday's ceremony celebrated the eight organization who had just completed their one-year training.

What a lovely, hard working and clearly focused group. The graduates speeches were so moving as they discussed how Fair Chance, in the words of one of the graduates, really had given their organization, and thus DC children, a "fair chance".

The ceremony was held at the penthouse of the Bank of America Building on 15th Street. What a beautiful and night and fabulous view for this great event.

The view from penthouse.

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