Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sam and Ellie - March 18, 2011

Sam and Ellie are the children of two of my favorite past wedding clients, Deb and Scott. Lately, when I have purchased new equipment that I want to test out they have been my go-to models. This past week I had all kinds of new toys I wanted to play with so I invited Sam and Ellie over to sit for me. As always, they are great subjects. My husband, Joe, is building a huge model railway set in his work room which is attached to my studio. There was no way that I could compete with those trains, especially as Joe was working from home that day and was here to run them. Sam and Ellie humored me and were very good models and, in exchange for that, they got to run off to the train room to be entertained by Joe. Great seeing everyone - hope we can all get together again soon.

Done posing in the studio - now off to the train room!

Back to the studio for a few more shots joined by my tiny dog, Sammy.

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