Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sea Island, GA - April 2011

We just returned from a lovely trip to Sea Island. We have gone there for the past few years and every trip while somewhat the same is always new and different. I must say that I never get more exercise that on these vacations. We play all day and then wine and dine all night. Poor Jakey, with his broken arm, was rather limited in his activities. I learned to appreciate his laptop like never before. So did he. Naturally, now that we are home, the cast comes off tomorrow.

I look forward to returning next year. The Georgia climate in the late spring is exquisite. The heat and humidity have not yet arrived and everything about the place is so inviting with lots of that mysterious Spanish moss, lush plants and perfect evening light.

I would so love to shoot a wedding there. There are about a million places I would love to pose people. Until I get that hire Joe and Jake are forced to be my models.

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