Sunday, April 3, 2011

South Florida - March/April, 2011

Quick trip to South Florida this weekend to visit family was just what the doctor ordered. I am a cold weather loving gal, and a fan of all winter sports, but skiing did not seem to fit into my schedule this year and the cold DC weather was getting a bit dreary. My husband, Joe's, brother and his family live in West Palm which made for a perfect get-away and excuse to see my yummy niece Gia. My boy, Jake, recently broke his arm playing football and he also really deserved a get away to ease the pain of missing most of the football season. The third brother Hornyak, Paul, was also down visiting so we had a fabulous time wining and dining and lounging by the pool. I did fit in a daily run, but that was about the only slightly active thing I did the whole weekend.

I did bring my camera gear as I have a couple of new lenses I wanted to play with and a new video light that worked so well with that exquisite deep blue Florida sky. Big thanks to John and Barb's neighbors, Leo and Tracy, for having us over for dinner last night and letting me turn my cameras loose on them.

Florida will be too warm for me soon, but I am booking my trip for next winter when it is so lovely down there. Plus, I have to go see Gia again before she grows up on me.

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