Sunday, June 17, 2012

Susie's 50th - June 16, 2012

Susie had a most rocking 50th birthday party last night that I felt very lucky to be asked to photograph.  I met Susie years ago when my son attended the same school as her children.  We have run into each other many times over the years at friend's houses and karate classes and just the neighborhood in general as we live close to each other.   When she asked me about photographing her birthday party a couple of months ago I was thrilled.  Susie radiates fun and good times and knew this party would be a good one.  Her equally lovely husband, Mike, threw the bash for her at the Sofitel Hotel in D.C.

I got to spend the afternoon hanging out in Susie's suite as she, her daughters and her oldest and dearest friends got their hair done and caught up and hung out and had a lot of laughs.  The number of family and friends who traveled far and wide to celebrate this event was a true testament to how much she means to so many.

And let me say, the party rocked.  I was able to grab her immediate family and a few friends for some quick posed pictures before the party started.  Once the guests arrived it was non stop partying save for a few minutes later in the evening when her children and husband gave some very loving and heartfelt toasts to the birthday girl.  I left a bit before midnight last night and I think they may still be dancing...

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