Monday, September 16, 2013

Heels & Helmets - September 12, 2013

My dear friend, Suzanne Walker, recently asked me to photograph an event that her law firm, Kilpatrick Townsend, was hosting. The event, Kilpatrick Townsend Training Camp, was “coached” by Shavannia Williams, President and Editor of Heels & Helmets and her team of former college and NFL players.  Heels and Helmets is a program designed by Shavannia that levels the playing field in professional environments by educating women about various sports.

There is no denying that many business deals are made on the golf course or in the boardroom while discussing Fantasy Football drafts.  The attendees at the Kilpatrick Townsend Training Camp all left with a better understanding of football and the common football terms used in business, like what it means to be 3rd and long.  It was a great presentation and I am not someone who claims to know anything about football. I know a few more things now.

After class, and it was definitely a class, everyone went upstairs to the conference room for a tailgate party catered by Occasions. Now that is the part of the game that I completely understand.

Suzanne greeting guests.

The lovely Shavannia Williams

Creating the offense.

Creating the defense.

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