Monday, December 16, 2013

Julia's Bat Mitzvah - December 14, 2013

I met Julia and her family for the first time at Temple Sinai last week when we were doing the formal portraits.  All our contact until then and been via email and phone.  Her father, Howard, immediately told me that he used to work with my husband, so I felt an instant connection that lasted through the portraits and the party two days later.   What a great family.   Four beautiful kids, lovely parents and a wonderful crowd of family and friends.

Julia was such a natural.  I could have taken her photo for hours and hours.  So poised and relaxed.

The party was at Kenwood Country Club.   Let me say, I have been in that ballroom many, many times and I have never seen it look so good.  They turned it into a club and I was blown away by the decor.  The DJs from Party Central were incredible as well.

Many thanks to Matt Splain for his second shooting and for carrying all the heavy stuff!

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