Friday, June 24, 2011

Team Molly - June 24, 2011

My dear little friend, Molly, is having very important surgery today. Her family has become one of my favorite portraits clients and I adore them all. When Molly was born last fall, they discovered their beautiful and alert baby girl was, to her parents' complete surprise, born deaf. Today she'll turn in her hearing aids and undergo surgery to have the
internal part of "bionic ears" (cochlear implants (CIs)) placed under
her scalp. A couple weeks later she'll get her new "ears", the
external parts of her bionic ears. These CIs will send sounds to her
brain, and with lots of hours of therapy for several years, she'll be
able to hear as well as her hearing peers and communicate entirely by
regular speech. She'll be hearing (and out-talking) her chatty older
brother in no time thanks to this amazing technology.

Here are some photos that we took last weekend. All my love to Molly and her family.

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