Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Vasiljs - August 14, 2011

This past weekend I flew to Chicago to visit with my family there and to take a portrait of the Vasilj family. I photographed Kristin and John's wedding almost ten years ago. They recently moved from DC to Chicago and now have three adorable children. I keep in touch with Kristin as she works for the same law firm as my husband, so I planned my family visit around a weekend that worked for her portrait.

We started the day in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago at the Botanical Gardens. A beautiful but very windy day - Chicago did indeed live up to its reputation. We moved indoors to get some less wind swept shots and posed for a bit before we decided to give the kids a break. This gave me the opportunity to go have lunch with my wedding planner friend, Anne Book, another DC to Chicago transplant. We finished the shoot post nap time at Kristin and John's house. So nice to reconnect with everybody!! I am often in these parts visiting my family here and I hope to see more of everyone.

Post nap and lunch time - these photos were back at Kristin and John's house.

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